H3 World TV releases “Travel with Dawn: Turkey” TV series

By Deaf411 | October 27, 2015

Travel with Dawn: Turkey announcement

VIDEO SIGNED RELEASEwww.H3world.tv/turkey

TORONTO, CANADA | MENDHAM, NJ – 26 October 2015 – A new “Travel with Dawn” series has debuted covering six regions in Turkey on the H3 World TV website. This internet TV series is presented in International Sign with English subtitles.

Dawn Jani Birley hosts this 22-part “Travel with Dawn: Turkey” series which explores tourist landmarks and introduces Deaf residents in Turkey who share their culture and occupations. Birley embarks on a journey of Turkish cuisine, art and crafts, history, beauty, religion, myths and archaeology.

Each episode of the series is posted to H3world.tv/travel every two weeks. “Travel with Dawn: Turkey” was produced in collaboration with Anatolian Deaf Foundation and the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Five members of the H3 World TV video crew traveled through Turkey with Turkish Deaf Guide Turgut Ucbas and driver Omar Luftp Tpryakp. Filming took place over six weeks in Istanbul, Ephesus, Bodrum & the South Aegean, Antalya & the Turquoise Coast, Ankara & Central Antolia, Black Sea Coast and Cappadocia.

“Travel with Dawn: Turkey” is an original television production of H3 Network Media Alliance, a charitable organization coordinating video programming and distribution out of Toronto, Canada with production activities around the world. Previous H3 World TV travel series explored South Africa, Russia and Bulgaria.

“H3 World TV” also produces and distributes “WorldAbout,” “DeafWire,” “DeafWaves,” “SportsDeaf” and “IS Today” current affairs, cultural and entertainment programs which are presented in International Sign with open English subtitles. All programs are available on a daily basis 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Viewers can watch TV shows or subscribe to weekly “H3 Program Updates” at www.H3world.tv.

VIDEO SIGNED RELEASEwww.H3world.tv/turkey

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