Increasing knowledge by sharing information helps people to understand the needs of Deaf people. Deaf411 is not an advocacy group. We are not here to fight for Deaf people.

Deaf411 is here to help bridge this gap. Often it is caused by lack of knowledge and the fear of the unknown. Minimum legal requirements exist only to provide basic provisions but do not address the particulars of every situation. Pointing to the laws is not a solution.

Deaf411 provides services that help bridge this gap. With increased knowledge, both deaf consumers and businesses can be more confident in providing accessibility. At times solutions are inexpensive, ingenius and may even utilize existing resources already in place.

Targeting any market niche reaps potential benefits. And this is true of this sizeable deaf population. Research indicates one out of every 10 people have some form of hearing loss.

Through this Deaf411.com website, we share client stories and tidbits related to the Deaf market. Find out more about Deaf411 Services!

Deaf411 Services

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